Sunday, August 3, 2008

Card Sharks

My sisters and I enjoy a good game of nerts every once and again. When they were here last week, we got our game on almost all weekend long!
Here's a few photos-you can see how obsessed we were!
The game we played the most was Nerts. You can see on this last picture that we kept a tally sheet of everyone's score. I shall now post the totals:

Benjamin: 338 points, 5 wins

Dena: 861 points, 14 wins

Heather: 601 points, 9 wins

Becky: 531 points, 6 wins

Stacy: 465 points, 6 wins


nertzfan said...

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Jo said...

I tried to help you out Ben....sorry I couldn't do more for you!! It was so fun playing with you guys!!!

rachael { & john} said...

You look really skinny in that photo, have you been working out? Looks fun! I'll have to learn that game, so someday I can pulverize you!

collette crew said...

you are so fun dena- thanks for a fun day. hope we get to hang out more this week.