Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take the Money and Run

This is probably what we should have done instead of going to the Steve Miller concert... no I'm kidding! It was THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!! GO STEVE- YOU'RE THE MAN!!!
Dad and Mom Douglass, Sam, Emma, Ben, and I went to Steve Miller Band and Joe Cocker at the Red Rocks in Colorado on July 31st. It was so much fun!
Yes, that is the line going CLEAR up into the rocks. It surprisingly moved very quickly! We all wanted to get t-shirts, but they were $40 a piece on top of the $65 for the tickets themselves!

So Ben and I are sharing, we couldn't resist having one! It was so rad.
Steve played all the hits (minus Space Cowboy, but we forgive him for that) and they were even cooler live than they are on the greatest hits album. For his finale, he wailed on Jungle Love and the crowd was going nuts! I mean the man got called out for two encores! We couldn't get enough I tell you! It was a GORGEOUS venue and I would HIGHLY recommend if you ever have the chance to see someone live at Red Rocks, just do it! Worth every penny!!!


The-Allen-Family said...

That looks so fun. I love the way the weather looks. You and Ben are so cute! Is it aweful that I don't know who Steve Miller is? I'll have to look up his songs. Anyway it looks like a blast!

Kelly Merrell said...

Isn't Red Rocks amazing! I'm so glad you guys caught a show there before you leave. My mom and I saw James Taylor last week. It was a blast. See ya Friday for VT.

Millie said...

HOW FUN. I didn't know you were a Steve Miller fan! I love him!!! :)

Millie said...

Although I wouldn't have forgiven him for no "Space Cowboy."