Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hiking, Halloween Cookies, and a Sickie

We drove up the canyon to get to Evergreen last weekend and went hiking at this really awesome place called Alderfer. Ben and Sam were mountain biking, and Jenna and I were dragging the girls around the trails in the bike trailer. Not a good idea. There were roots and rocks all over the trails and most of the time, Jenna had to give me a hand trying to get the trailer over them! It was a lot of fun though! And SO beautiful up there with these fall colors!
 My cuties climbed this rock all by themselves! 
Okay Ellie had help!
 Brook found this rock with the holes in it- Perfect seat!
 This is her "Ariel" pose :)
 Catching Jenna mid-bite.... totally awesome.
 Wow Ellie, that is some great hair....
Fence in the middle of nowhere- so of course I thought, PICTURES! 

For Wednesday Baking Day, Brook chose Halloween sugar cookies. She did such a good job adding the ingredients. She even kept track of the number of cups we were adding of sugar and flour. Then I rolled out the dough and she cut out tons of cookies, being careful to put them close together, but not get any holes in them. She was very precise :)
This is the favorite frosted one... or at least my favorite. We didn't have any ghosts, witches, or bats, so we had to get creative with the helping hand cookie cutter I got from my grandma!
It's a monster hand. Brook was very nervous for me to eat it since it might get me from the inside.

Our poor little Ellie is a little sickie right now- she's done a lot of this and a lot of sitting on mom's lap for hours on end. She's on the mend though, thank goodness for modern medicine!!

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oh my gosh. That hike. haha