Monday, October 3, 2011

Long Weekend

Man, just when you think you're getting the hang of life again or you've just overcome a huge obstacle and you're ready for a nice break for awhile, you get slapped again! I guess it's just life!

Saturday we enjoyed watching General Conference and then Ben washed the car. As he was cleaning up to get ready for the Priesthood Session, he went to unscrew the hose from the spigot in the garage, and all the sudden water is just rushing everywhere: flooding the kitchen floor, the hallway carpet (which we just got the smell out of!), and the basement- water was just pouring into the basement like a waterfall. Well, we not being the prepared renters we should be, did not know where the turn off was, so Ben ran from neighbor to neighbor trying to find someone to help us find it- Found a wonderful man next door who came and helped us shut it off after about 100 gallons had poured into the house. We luckily have a small wet/dry vac, which we used to clean up the kitchen and even more luckily, the basement had a drain about 3 feet from our entertainment center. So no water got to the expensive equipment! Hooray! So we lost a rug and quite a few towels, but that was it! The water cleaned up well, thanks to Sam and Jenna (you guys saved us!). We spent the night at their place since we didn't have water and watched morning conference with them. Unfortunately, we had a little dispute on Sunday with our landlord over the financial responsibility of the incident, but I am happy to say that it was resolved when the plumber came and discovered the pipe had never even been soldered! So they are being very cooperative and will be paying for any damages to the home. We will have to replace the few things we lost, but it is a minimal expense compared to what could have happened! In retrospect (at the time, I was struggling!), I feel very blessed by the Lord that everything played out as well as it did. I can definitely see His hand in the course of events after the incident. We are very lucky for that and for great family and friends here to help us out in our time of homelessness!

Now I just have to put the house back together :).


Tara said...

Wow. That sounds crazy! Glad you were able to get it cleaned up and didn't have to pay to get it fixed and all that.

Loved seeing all of Brook's birthday pictures. She looks so cute and like she had a lot of fun.

Hope you are enjoying your new space...we miss you guys too!!

Gertrude said...

That story made me cry.I am so sorry for all that bad stuff. Looks to me like you are going to have to sue your landlord. You two are too decent for that, where did they get that house, anyway. Of course, I am sorry for them too. When John was here the last time he noticed a light fixture was sorta filled with brown water. He emptied it and we got it all cleaned up. We have had SEVERAL RAIN STORMS AND YESTERDAY I noticed water splashing off the sewing machine and that fixture was running over. Bill took it all loose and soakedup the water so the fixture and packing are all hanging down getting dried out.