Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hudson Gardens Pumpkin Patch

There is the COOLEST garden center about 5 minutes up the road from us. This year is their anniversary year, so they have reduced prices to get into their beautiful gardens.1.50 for 2 and up, so we went with the plan to get a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch with some of our friends from our ward and Uncle Sam and Aunt Jenna. However, apparently they are educational pumpkins, so we weren't allowed to purchase them. But it was still really fun and so pretty! We will definitely have to go in the spring!

 Such pretty flowers!
Waiting for our friends and Uncle Sam
 Love her pose! Don't mind the lady in the back...
 Brook, Brystal, and Ellie going through a fun little rock tunnel
 Cool apple pressing demonstration that was not very productive- the amount in the bowl is from like 75 small apples.
 Plating spider plants- so appropriate for Halloween!
 Ellie making a scratch leaf- LOVE how she holds her pencils!
 These were the coolest carvings! We were quite disappointed though when we discovered they were FAKE PUMPKINS. REALLY?!?!?
 It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
 Aren't the colors just beautiful!?!
 Ellie in the Hay Bale Maze. The girls made it through pretty quickly, so we had to go through it like 4 times. It was pretty fun, but the corridors were SO tiny, so it got awkward going around strangers at times.
 Sittin on a bronze donkey. I don't know why, so don't ask.

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Sare said...

dude - the one with Ellie sitting in the hay...probably my favorite picture of her ever - she looks so adorable!!!