Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sundays Are Special

I love Sundays. Ben has the whole day off. We get to go to church and be spiritually uplifted. Then we get to spend the day with family and/or friends or just us. It's just nice to have a day out of the week different from any other. I've been trying to think of activities I'd like to do on Sunday with my family that would bring us closer to each other and to God. Some things I've come up with are:

A nice little walk in nature
Baking a special treat together
Reading the Friend to Brook & Ellie
Playing games together
Write in a family Sunday journal

What does your family do to keep the Sabbath day holy and make it different from the rest? Please share so I can add more to my list!

We sure do miss spending Sundays with our Idaho family!

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