Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Art Day- Skeleton Guy

Week #2- yes, I am on a roll!

I was really excited about today's craft because I remember growing up my sister Jen had made this skeleton guy out of paper plates and it was one of my favorite Halloween decorations. I tried to find a paper plate template I liked, but I couldn't. So when I stumbled on this little guy, I thought PERFECT! He's cute, but not too cute. And now I don't have to draw one. So I printed him out on cardstock and Brook cut out EVERY SINGLE BONE by herself- I was really proud! There were a lot of pieces! Then she put the brads in the joints, I closed them up, she gave him a coat of marker and named him "Mr. Bones"
She's very original :)
Brook and her new best pal, Mr. Bones
When Ellie woke up in the middle, she got in on the coloring action too
And if you're tired of the poor quality of my pictures, tell my husband to get me a better phone :)

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Unknown said...

Wow - I totally don't remember that - how funny! Okay we need to connect on this day thing! What days do you do what? Maybe I will join in on the fun via internet.