Monday, June 24, 2013

Denver Bucket List: Mount Rushmore

The first sight of Mount Rushmore!!!
After this, the road went into the mountains and got really windy and cool! They had these bridges called Pigtail Bridges that felt like going on a loop de loop! It was a gorgeous drive.
John & Rachael's family joined us at Mount Rushmore. Once we arrived at the visitors center, we walked out to the edge to see Mount Rushmore up close! It was an amazing sight! Then we headed   down to watch a short documentary about Rushmore. It was really neat! I had no idea they used dynamite to shape the mountain. 90% of it was done with strategically placed charges and the other 10% was hand sculpted. It was very interesting!
The girls got to help blow a chunk off :)
The whole fam
This old timer, Nick Clifford, was an original driller!
Pretty incredible
The great state of Colorado
We were so happy we got to go!

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