Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do Stuff

That's kind of the theme of our last two months in Denver. We've been trying to take advantage of every free moment and every available activity within reason. And it's led to a lot of really fun times! Maybe a little too fun- Ellie was so worn out, she got the flu and we had to cancel our camping trip to Guanella pass :(. Maybe we'll get a second chance!

At the Parker Carnival with Uncle Sam & Aunt Jenna
Brook was so brave on the roller coaster!
HAD to ride the carosel
 AND get some ice cream :)
Jack's first day at church wore him out!
Gotta loosen that tie!
Tuesday, Ben had a very light load for work, so we decided to day trip to Castle Rock with him and climb the Castle Rock! We bought a little picnic and headed for the Rock. He made me try some sushi from King Soopers (his favorite). Not a fan.
And we were off on our hike!
He's the king of the castle!
It was a little windy at the top, so Jack got cozy
The girls were so proud that they climbed this part themselves :)
Afterwards, Daddy went to see patients and we went to the library and the Outlets.
It was a fun little family outing and we were glad to get to do it together!

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