Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Douglass Visit Número Dos

We had such a fun time and got to do a lot of fun things while Ben's family was here for the week. Here's a few pictures:

Grandpa was reading Lady and the Tramp to the girls out of one of their favorite books. He couldn't keep it together. The wording was.... hysterical. And I quote:
"With unspoken commitment, they placed their paws next to each other in the wet cement..."
"Bashfully, Lady looked away, but Tramp gently pushed a meatball toward his beautiful companion. What a romantic night, they both thought as they walked around town with their stomachs full and the stars smiling down..."
We had a park day on Brook's last day of preschool
Grandma and her Grandbabies (so far)
Of course we had to take them to Coyote Song Trail for a little hike. 
It was beautiful as usual!
Before the Rapids game, we headed to Beau Jo's for their famous pizza. 
My striped boys are so handsome.
We were so happy to have them come and visit!
It was a party!

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