Saturday, June 8, 2013

Denver Bucket List: Pikes Peak, CO

We took a day trip down to Colorado Springs to drive up the 14,000 footer, Pikes Peak. Uncle Sam and Aunt Jenna came with us. What a fun family outing!

Surprise breakfast donuts from Krispy Kremes!!
View of Pikes Peak from the freeway
This is what Jack did:
Crystal Reservoir
Jack was too small to go to the very top, so I stayed with him while the others drove up, then they came back and Sam and Jenna took the kids to Garden of the Gods while Ben and I drove back up to the top.
Talk about some hairpin corners!
At the summit:
Afterwards, we stopped by Tucano's to get my free birthday meal.
Ben is funny.
Once we got home:
We've been having SO much fun checking things off our bucket list!
And we're just getting started!!

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