Thursday, February 9, 2012

Copper Getaway

Ben had Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday off this week because of the national APTA meeting in Chicago, IL. He also has the most amazing classmate who lent us her town home at Copper Mountain, CO. Now when I say town home, I mean mansion connected to other mansions. And it is decked OUT. As soon as I take some photos, you'll see what I mean. This place is nicer than most people's FIRST homes. And I mean MOST. Wow.... we feel so blessed to be here and to know such a kind, sharing person! Thank you so much Chris! We can never repay your generosity! Highlight of the trip so far was putting the kids to bed on the third level and then sitting in the hot tub on the bottom level back porch, gazing out at the trees and mountain DIRECTLY behind the town home watching the gently falling snow in almost complete silence.....
Best way to end the day.

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Jenna said...

holy crap. Put me there right now. See you in like 4 hours. Can. Not. Wait.