Saturday, February 25, 2012

Final Post: Papa & Grammy's Visit

Brook made this sign awhile back for when any family comes to visit :)
 Brook was taking portraits-
we thought these made pretty good awkward family photos
 We tried a new recipe: Maple Glazed Stuffed Roast Pork
Ours didn't turn out as pretty as the recipe picture, but it was very good. 
 We had FHE early since Papa had to leave early Monday morning for a meeting in Chicago. Brook taught the lesson- we learned about Nephi building the ship 
 Monday & Tuesday:
Games & Sewing with Grammy 
 Taken at like midnight, so judge not! We made matching pencil skirts out of the nicest fabric I got at Denver Fabrics for like 2 dollars... for 3 yards :)
LOVE Denver Fabrics! 
 Brook & Ellie playing "Clifford"
Ellie is Clifford... she was a pretty lazy dog, I must say! 
 We picked up Papa from the airport to spend a few more cherished hours together before they headed back to Boise on a pretty much red-eye flight. It was a miracle they even got to leave- Denver was experiencing 65 mph wind gusts and all the flights were delayed by a few hours. While picking Papa up at the airport, we got stuck behind a light pole that had been blown over and blocked the entire road! Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive and no barricades! After leaving the airport, we went to Regis to show Papa & Grammy the campus and meet Ben after his lab.
 This is my view from the very BACK of the 4Runner while checking out Denver- we really need to get a seat installed back there- my legs fell asleep two times from being draped over luggage!
 We went to a bowling alley at the 16th street mall- not a very family friendly environment, but we made the best of it and had fun. 
Papa was missing his own bowling ball- he was having a hard time keeping these ones out of the gutter :) Which really is not like him
Brook's victory dance:
Ellie's favorite part was eating all my gum.... 
 The final scores- Brook & Ellie were on my team, and in defense of everyone else, we had bumpers on our turn :)
A Tetris building!!!
 Dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, a family favorite
We love you Papa & Grammy!!!! Thank you so much for coming!!!

Funny story about Papa's Hat:
After dinner, we started to head back the 4 blocks and bus ride to the car. About half a block out of the restaurant, Grammy and I realized we were not going to make it back because of the intense wind! It was also freezing and we didn't have good coats on. So we went back into the restaurant and waited for Papa & Ben to bring the car to us. They were walking just up the block and all the sudden a HUGE gust of wind came down the street and whipped Papa's hat off, sending it down an entire block in less than 2 seconds and behind a locked gate! Sorry Papa!

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