Sunday, February 12, 2012


So at Copper, they have a little roped off zone for little ones to play in. It costs 10 bucks a kid, but adults are free. We were excited to check it out- Slightly disappointed as it was basically a snow covered playground, but the girls had a lot of fun and they provided tubes, so we called it a successful family outing!

The Tube Ferris Wheel
 The Critterland Playhouse- complete with bench inside

 Ellie mastering the tunnels
 Lovingly titled "The Ducktopus" 
The girls LOVED tubing down the very shallow tubing hill- I had to push them off as hard as I could to get enough speed for them- they like to go fast :)
And yes, those are Squirrel-Seals... Squeals....
The Alliroo
All in all, we had a good time until the wind started blowing the snow in our faces. Then we called it a night, went home, and ate tacos.

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