Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Rest Of Copper

What did we mostly do while up at the cabin? Ate really good homemade food (Indian, Italian, Mexican, & American) and desserts (Texas Sheet Cake, Flan, Tres Leches, Choco Chip Cookies), played a LOT of games, went skiing (well, Ben, Sam, & Jenna anyway), got in the hot tub, watched a few movies, played in the snow, and vegged out. It was SO much fun. Oh- Jenna took me through the Bikram Yoga routine as well.... my shoulders are still stiff! We didn't get the room hot enough I guess :) We'll work on that for next time!

 Thursday Dinner: NY Steak, Mashed Potatoes, & Asparagus... YUM!
 Brook taking Ellie's "Order"

 And here she's an architect, designing a house for Kai
 Brook got to go skiing once with Dad
 The BEST GAME IN THE WORLD! Buy It. Play It. Love It.

 Kai mastered the Kinect Sports Boxing
And here she's a mom.
 Starting a snow fight with Cameron- he was merciful

 Too tired to walk anymore- the snow was up to my hip!

 This will be re-enacted by them as adults one day
Or at least Jo & I hope... 
We're thinking Engagement Picture :)
 Best Buds
 King of the Mountain 
 Made for a great slide!
 Enjoying Saturday's "Tres Leches"
 My first time making and eating- it went REALLY good....
Saturday morning, Copper opened their FREE cat skiing
Ben, Sam, & Jenna were 8th in line :)

If you get the chance, go to Copper!

For more Copper & Colorado Snow Fun, check out Jenna's post!


P Talbot said...

I think Brook's "mom" picture accurately portraits the grimace of exhaustion associated with any mother of a newborn...

Jenna said...

You're gonna have to find a pretty tall railing for brook and kai to reenact that picture as grown ups. haha

Sarah said...

I really regret just reading all your stories form this trip-it sounds like it was a great trip! But, it just makes me even more jealous that we could not make it out! Maybe sometime Harry will not be up to his eyeballs in equations and we can get out of Provo.