Friday, February 3, 2012

Regis Snow Day #1

It's been snowing since 7pm last night without stop. The snow is over a foot deep. Expected to get to 20" before stopping. I believe it! We HAD to get out in it, even though it's still coming down. The girls were ecstatic and couldn't wait to put on their gear.

 Yes, Ellie is standing up right here

 These boots come up to mid calf... and they were below snow level.

 Standing, once again
 Brook LOVES icicles! Eating them mostly.
Here is Ben's superman dive into the snow- it was good times!
He almost hit a rock wall :)

Here's the girls falling back in the snow- watch til the end!
Hope everyone else in CO is enjoying this! Ben just left to pick up Sam & Jenna because they are completely snowed in with their little Prius- Loving the 4Runner about now! Gonna do us some sledding when Ellie wakes up, so stay tuned!


P Talbot said...

Haha! I love Brook's cave-in! I can't wait to see that much snow again.

Super B said...

LOL. That was too funny.

Jo said...

Brook was hilarious at the end!! So funny! Kennedi went out yesterday but was not loving the snow blowing in her face. We'll have to get her out when it stops. If it ever stops.

Jenna said...

Had fun with you guys this weekend. I don't want it to melt!

Heather Talbot said...

That totally needs to go on funniest home videos.

Jen Waite said...

So funny - you can't even see Brooks head! I love how Ellie will not lay all the way back for anything!